Most (and Least) Expensive States to Own a Car: Where Does Colorado Rank?

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The cost of owning a vehicle goes far beyond the price agreed upon at the dealership. There are car insurance premiums, sales tax, title and registration fees, repairs and maintenance, gas money, and more. To find out the real costs of owning a vehicle, recently analyzed key expenses of car ownership by state, excluding… Read more »

6 Awesome European Port Cities You Can Visit Via Ocean Cruise

By Jesse Wilson   Planes and trains aren’t the only way to travel to some of the world’s most famous cities. Cruising provides not only a fun and luxurious way of travel, but also an excellent mode of transportation to get to many of Europe’s popular destinations. The experts at Holland America Line highlight some… Read more »

Reasons you should take a European River Cruise NOW


By Joe Maloney, Vice President Travel AAA Colorado   The rivers are the original highways in Europe, where indigenous peoples traded good and services for many hundreds if not thousands of years.  One could argue that many of the oldest established communities exist along the rivers, and because of the associated economic drivers the rivers… Read more »



By Jesse Wilson   As we descended down the Trout Creek Pass along HWY 285, the collegiate peaks rising against the horizon, I realized this was the first time I hadn’t had to drudge along with plodding traffic on my way up the mountains to ski. This only added to my excitement the visit Crested… Read more »

What You Need to Know Before Planning a Vacation to Cuba


You probably know that at the end of 2014, Cuba became open to US travelers for the first time since 1958. Now, many travel and cruise companies, such as AAA preferred travel partner Royal Caribbean, have begun to offer vacation packages and cruises there. Cuba is home to legendary sights, iconic music, and distinct culture,… Read more »

Why 2017 is the Best Year to Travel Internationally

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By Joe Maloney   Due to the current strength of the US dollar, Americans who plan to travel overseas can make their budgets go farther than ever this year without having to spend more money.  This year is the perfect time for savvy travelers to plan trips in foreign countries.   At the start of… Read more »

7 Non-Electric Cars with Great MPG Ratings

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Even though hybrids and electric cars take the prize when it comes to fuel efficiency, they can be more costly upfront. If fuel efficiency is important to you, but you’re not quite ready for a hybrid or electric vehicle, there are some good options on the market that can help you save at the pump…. Read more »

Everyday AAA Discounts to Save You Money

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By Jesse Wilson   Are you fully taking advantage of your AAA membership? AAA discounts are not limited to just hotels and car rentals; you can save at hundreds of locations, including these businesses that offer popular items and purchases with special discounts for AAA members.   Movie Tickets – Did you know that you… Read more »

Fact or fiction? AAA busts insurance myths

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  When it comes to insurance coverage, don’t believe everything you hear. Understanding fact versus fiction can help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing the insurance coverage that’s best for you.  The insurance experts at AAA are happy to help set the record straight on some commonly believed insurance myths.  … Read more »

When to Legally and Safely Use Hazard Lights


When you live in a large city like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Boulder, parking can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to do several laps before a spot opens up. Every once in a while, you may see someone double park and put their hazards on so they can run into a store quickly or… Read more »

Lesser-known Benefits of AAA Colorado Membership


There are many benefits that come along with being a member of AAA Colorado. From roadside assistance to travel and insurance discounts, AAA Colorado works hard to support the members of our community on and off the road. Since membership benefits can vary between different AAA clubs, here are some of the lesser known AAA… Read more »

The Hottest New Car Technology for 2017

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  In today’s fast-moving economy, cars are evolving quicker than ever before. There’s new technology, improved safety features, better construction and much more. If you’re planning to purchase a new vehicle next year, you will find many technological advances and updates, especially if you haven’t checked out a new vehicle in the last decade.  … Read more »

How to Spend a Winter Weekend in Pagosa Springs


Uncover the snowy enchantment of this Southwest Colorado haven By Morgan Tilton I became familiar with Pagosa Springs in a roundabout way. Raised in a neighboring Southwest Colorado town, when I was growing up Pagosa was renowned by kids for its natural—and odorous—hot springs. (The name Pagosa, even comes from the Ute Indian words, Pah,… Read more »

Give the Gift of Travel this Holiday Season


Still trying to decide what the perfect gift is for that special someone? Instead of giving them more material things, how about giving them the gift of travel for the holidays this year? Gift them the chance to see new parts of the world and make incredible memories.   Particularly for the young adults in… Read more »

10 Magical Holiday Events and Festivals Across Colorado

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The holidays just aren’t complete without snow, hot-cocoa and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. From festivals to ice-carving competitions and tree-lighting ceremonies, there is something fun for everyone to do throughout Colorado. Check out these events and start planning your holiday season early. Celebrate this holiday season by visiting one or more of the communities across Colorado that… Read more »

Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a magical time of year for many people. From decorating the house with lights and fresh greens to lighting candles and wrapping presents, our senses come alive and our mindset shifts. With all the fun activities that surround the season, it is easy to forget about potential fire hazards and safety concerns… Read more »

10 Great Excuses to Grab a Hotel This Weekend


Most only think about hotels when they are planning a big vacation, but hotels can provide a great getaway option when you need a place to stay for a weekend or even just one night. A stay in a comfy hotel, like the various brands from AAA travel partner, Hilton, can provide a wonderful escape… Read more »

Plan Your 2017 Vacation Based on Your Personality


Somehow it’s already November and before you know it, it will be 2017.  It can be daunting to think too far ahead to next year, but now is the perfect time to plan next year’s big travel plans.   There are countless places to see in the world, and many different ways to travel, so… Read more »

Ireland the Un-Guided Way


By Jesse Wilson   The last time that my wife and I were in Ireland, we were just a 19 year-old kids spending a semester at school in a small seaside suburb of Dublin. Ever since that time, we’ve been desperate to visit the Emerald Isle again. While we did some traveling with around the… Read more »

Italy: Get an Insider’s Experience


Italy is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe, with many world-famous cities and historical monuments scattered all throughout the country. Visitors can see these places whether they are traveling alone or with a group. However, there are some experiences that give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the history, culture and lifestyle… Read more »