Spring is upon us and now is a great time to give your car the same cleaning attention that you give your house. Here are a few tips on sprucing up your car for spring:

Vehicle Interior

Vacuum regularly and lightly shampoo the carpets as needed. Dirt remaining in the carpet greatly accelerates wear, but be careful not to soak carpets with too much moisture.
Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car CleaningWipe down dusty or soiled surfaces with a damp cloth. Follow with a UV-protective coating on vinyl and rubber surfaces.
Clean stains from seats and other interior surfaces promptly to prevent them from becoming set. Use a cleaner recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer to prevent fabric, vinyl or leather damage. Test any non-approved product in an inconspicuous spot before use to make sure it is safe.

Vehicle Exterior

Wash the vehicle and wax according to the product manufacturer’s instructions. When washing the vehicle, be sure to rinse out the wheel wells and accessible areas of the undercarriage. This is especially important in Colorado where salt or Mag Chloride is used on the roads as it will help prevent rust.

Clean glass inside and out to ensure good vision. Use a soft rag or old t-shirt and a product that will not leave streaks or cause glare.

Have small windshield chips repaired to prevent them from becoming cracks that require complete windshield replacement. If you have large cracks, have the windshield replaced.

Consider headlight restoration if the headlight lenses have developed a frosted surface. This repair process restores a clear finish to the lens, which improves both vehicle appearance and nighttime vision.

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