Renew Your AAA Membership

You can conveniently renew your AAA Colorado membership online! Your membership card should start with 429006… If you live in Colorado but your member number does not start this way because you have moved here within the last year, please contact us. If you live outside of Colorado, click here and enter your zip code to get to your club’s website.

Has your account been expired for more than 90 days? If so, please call membership customer service to renew by phone at 1-866-625-3601 ext 8150.

To renew online, simply login to your account below.

Membership Number:
429 006
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A note about membership renewal: To ensure uninterrupted benefits, AAA recommends paying membership dues prior to your membership’s expiration date. Prior to the expiration date of your membership, you will receive a renewal notice for dues and a new membership card for the subsequent twelve (12) month membership period. Renewal membership payment is due before your current membership expiration date. Membership dues paid during the ninety (90) day period after the expiration date renews your membership for twelve months from the original membership expiration date. Memberships renewed 91 days or more after the expiration date will be charged new member rates and given a new expiration date that is 12 months after the date of renewal. If your membership account is expired 91 days or more, please call membership customer service at 1-866-625-3601, ext 8150.