Pet Insurance

AAA Members have two pet insurance carriers to choose from, Healthy Paws and Pets Best. Both companies have a variety of plans to choose from.

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BlueHarbor Auto Loan Refinancing

AAA Members can get great rates on auto loan refinancing through BlueHarbor. They match you with a network of regional lenders, and will help you save money on your auto loan. Contact BlueHarbor to see how much you can save! Members are assigned a personal Loan Consultant to guide you through the process.

Benefits of using BlueHarbor to refinance your auto loan are:

No Mark Up
The rate that AAA Members receive is the best rate available from the network of lenders.

Regional Network of Lenders
Comprised of regional banks, credit unions, and finance companies- having a regional network allows BlueHarbor to partner with lenders who offer programs which are more competitive than most national lenders or captive-finance companies.

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Emergency Assistance Plus

EA+ is an emergency assistance program that provides 24-hour help (while traveling for non-medical reasons) in the event that medical evacuation/ transportation, medical assistance, assistance for companions and/or travel assistance is needed. AAA Colorado is able to offer this product at a discounted rate through our partnership with EA Plus — we do not sell member information. The program is especially beneficial in travel situations in a remote area or traveling internationally and the need arises for medical assistance. Coverage is available to individual members or family coverage which includes spouse and children. EA+ is NOT medical insurance or travel insurance and does NOT replace either. Costs for the program for AAA members are: $109 for an individual member and $129 for an individual member and family (traveling with the member); this is an annual cost.

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