Can Your Car Battery Take the Heat?

Can Battery Take the Heat

Colorado is in for some hot weather. Temperatures are expected to climb into the 90’s the next couple weeks, which can wreak havoc on car batteries. Believe it or not, heat is more detrimental to batteries than cold. Extreme weather can put a strain on your battery that can shorten its life. Summer heat evaporates… Read more »

Online Feature: How the West was scripted

Estes Park, Long’s Peak (1877) by Albert Bierstadt, on loan from Denver Art Museum to History Colorado Center’s Backstory: Western American Art in Context. Courtesy of Denver Art Museum Originally published: July/August 2017 By Camila Navarrette Galloping horses topped by dark figures rapidly approach a lone cowboy in the distance. He waits, his weathered face… Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

Originally published: July/August 2017 Beat the heat Summer’s high temperatures can wreak havoc on your car’s battery and reduce its life. AAA offers you more than just a jump-start, we can keep you on-the-go with our Mobile Battery Service. We come to you—at home, at work, or at roadside—so service is fast and convenient. In… Read more »

Safe Roads: True or false: Caffeine will save you

Originally published: July/August 2017 By Tom Hess No matter how rockin’ your road-trip soundtrack, or how dedicated your co-traveler, drowsy driving will be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face this summer traveling season. How does AAA know that drowsy driving is a common affliction? Each year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety releases its… Read more »

President’s Message: Invested in the future

Originally published: March/April 2017 In April, AAA Insurance will again be the presenting sponsor of the Denver Auto Show. I am looking forward to seeing all the new car models there. The show has something for everyone—whether you favor domestic brands such as Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler; or you lean toward foreign automakers such as… Read more »


Vintage cars and their owners mingle in Parque Central, with Gran Teatro de La Habana, home of the Cuban National Ballet, in the background. © Lucas Vallecillos Originally published January/February 2017 Where will you go in 2017? AAA Travel Agents add significant value, convenience and peace of mind to your special holiday at the destinations… Read more »

President’s Message: Let’s dream together

Originally published January/February 2017 AAA Colorado will host the 2017 Vacations Showcase on Saturday, Feb. 4, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. This will be a perfect chance for AAA Colorado members to discover many of the worldwide travel options available to you, learn about special show deals, and receive expert travel-planning advice. Linda… Read more »

That dreaded Check Engine Light

And the peace that comes with a trustworthy repair shop. By Courtney Messenbaugh Originally published: September/October 2016 Not long ago, I drove along U.S. 36 in Boulder County, the sun shining, my to-do list shrinking, and the kids at a sitter. I sang along with Pharrell Williams of The Voice fame, from his song “Happy”—“feeling… Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

West Metro Travel Agent, Stephanie Portugal, assists a member with planning his dream vacation. Originally published: September/October 2016 Retail Store Spotlight: West Metro, Denver AAA Colorado’s West Metro store, serving the West Denver communities of Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Arvada and Golden, is hosting an Open House and Car Care Event on Saturday, October 15, 2016,… Read more »

SafeRoads: Careful now

Originally published: September/October 2016 Children going to and from school can test drivers’ patience. They run in front of cars, dash from crosswalks onto the road, and pedal their bikes through red lights. While this behavior would be inexcusable from an adult, children act in these ways for a reason: young children are still developing… Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

Originally published: May/June 2016 Retail Store Spotlight: Boulder AAA Colorado’s Boulder store, serving the Boulder County region, is hosting an Open House Event on Saturday, June 11, 2016, from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., at 1933 28th Street, Suite 200, on the southwest corner of 28th and Walnut St., in the Boulder Plaza. Stop by the event… Read more »

President’s Message: What you can expect

Linda Cavanagh, AAA Colorado President and CEO. © Evan Semón Originally published: May/June 2016 What can you, as a member of AAA Colorado, expect from me, the club’s new President and Chief Executive Officer? First, like all members, I expect AAA Colorado to provide Five Diamond service, whether I’m stuck on the road with a… Read more »

SafeRoads: 27-second effect

New research reveals lingering distractions from hands-free car communications.  By Rob Bhatt Originally published: March/April 2016 If you’re like most people, you probably sometimes need a few moments to establish mental focus on your next task after you end a phone call or send a text message, even from a hands-free system. But what if your… Read more »

Online Feature: Then and now: Seven Falls

Then: Lower falls and pool, circa 1908. Courtesy of The Broadmoor Hotel Archive Now: Seven Falls attraction recently reopened with significant upgrades. © Kevin Syms Originally published: September/October 2015 Hidden in a box canyon on the west side of Colorado Springs is an attraction that, for decades, drew AAA TripTik®-toting motorists from across the U.S. to… Read more »

Insurance FYI: Potholes on the path of life

Common hazards—and how to avoid them Originally published: September/October 2015 Reviewing your life insurance needs is about as much fun for most people as navigating potholes. You wish they would go away, that somebody would fix them, but the hard work of careful navigation simply cannot be avoided—not without serious damage. Your car isn’t programmed to… Read more »

SafeRoads: The science behind .05

Originally published: July/August 2015 By Kevin Adams Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a year-long series on substance-impaired driving. Look up the first three installments at When does alcohol begin to impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle? With the first drink? The first sip? U.S. law sets a blood… Read more »

President’s Message: Charging ahead

Tony DeNovellis, AAA Colorado President & CEO Originally published: May/June 2015 When AAA was founded in 1902, the number of electric-powered vehicles on the road equaled the number of their gas-powered counterparts. Perhaps that ratio will return someday, and AAA Colorado is ready, supporting today’s most common fueling options—gas, diesel, hybrid, electric, and compressed natural… Read more »

Cycling the Big Island

Cyclist looks out over the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. © RK Studio/Blend Images/Corbis Anyone on a bike can discover old volcanic structures, fragrant flowers, and fruit fresher than anything back home. By Irene Middleman Thomas The ride had started out so easy and scenic—a warm Big Island breeze on our faces, cycling… Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

Ultimate luxury and comfort, as well as spectacular views and service, await guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver. Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel Denver/Peter Vitale Diamond ratings: Reflecting member priorities AAA recently released its 2015 Diamond ratings for lodging properties and restaurants. Four hotels and one restaurant in Colorado earned AAA’s prestigious Five… Read more »

Safe Roads: Solving the cannabis conundrum

By Kevin Adams As the legalization of marijuana increases across the United States, the lack of knowledge and research about its effects on drivers is becoming more glaring. AAA is one of the leading organizations helping to fill that gap. “When it comes to cannabis and driving, public policy is way ahead of the research… Read more »