Emergency Assistance Plus

EA+ is an emergency assistance program that provides 24-hour help (while traveling for non-medical reasons) in the event that medical evacuation/ transportation, medical assistance, assistance for companions and/or travel assistance is needed. AAA Colorado is able to offer this product at a discounted rate through our partnership with EA Plus — we do not sell member information. The program is especially beneficial in travel situations in a remote area or traveling internationally and the need arises for medical assistance. Coverage is available to individual members or family coverage which includes spouse and children. EA+ is NOT medical insurance or travel insurance and does NOT replace either. Costs for the program for AAA members are: $129 for an individual member and $149 for an individual member and family (traveling with the member); this is an annual cost.

Call Now to sign up for services. 1-855-352-3038. Additional info can be found at www.EmergencyAssistancePlus.com/AAA

Some of the benefits provided are:

Medical Evacuation

  • Helicopter or Ambulance Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Specialist Assistance
  • Transportation Home after Hospitalization


Medical Assistance

  • Emergency Medical Monitoring
  • Prescription Replacement Assistance
  • Up to $200.00 for Emergency Local Ground Ambulance Transportation
  • 24-Hour Doctor/ER/Dentist/Attorney Locator Service
  • Emergency Medication, Blood and Vaccine Transfers
  • Hotel Room for Recuperation


Assistance for Companions

  • One Round-Trip Economy Class Airline Ticket to bring a loved one to your bedside if you’re traveling alone and must stay in a hospital for more than 3 days
  • Airfare Home for Dependent Children or Grandchildren who are left unattended
  • Toll-Free Emergency Message Relay
  • Pet Care and Return Home Assistance
  • Ticket Home for a Traveling Companion


Travel Assistance

  • Return of your Vehicle
  • Lost Luggage Assistance
  • Passport, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate or Other Document Replacement Assistance
  • Language Interpretation Service
  • Return of Deceased Remains Services


Personal Security Services

  • Real-time Security Information while traveling
  • Security Evacuation
  • Full Benefit details are available in the Plan Description mailed after sign up for services