4th Annual Donkey Dash

Donkey Dash
Day and Time

Jun 13th, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Burro racing is a great sport begun by some of Colorado’s 19th-century miners. Those hardy characters used burros to carry mining tools and supplies through the Rocky Mountains as they prospected for gold, silver, and other valuable ores. Since the burros were carrying a full load, the miners had to walk, leading the animal with a rope. Legend has it that two miners found gold in the same location, and raced each other back to town to be the first to stake a claim to the find. Neither could ride their animal because of its load, so one of the basic rules of burro racing was established.

Creede’s burro race features competitors running the entire 10-mile course, while leading their pack burro though town and past several area mines. Prizes will be awared to the top finishers up to $500. There will also be a mini donkey race on Main Street (donkeys provided), including a street festival, and live music.

Registration: $50 (must provide your own burro)

Spectator Admission: Free


Registration not required.