Tread of Pioneers Museum’s History Happy Hours

Tread of Pioneers Museum’s History Happy Hours
Day and Time

Join the Tread of Pioneers Museum the first Tuesday of every month for the popular “History Happy Hours” talks. The event takes the rowdy and raucous side of Routt County and Colorado history out to the community and into beloved happy hour. What do we mean by rowdy and raucous history? The focus of the talks will be the mysteries, legends, lore, debauchery, conflicts, wars, crimes, lawless, and lawmen of the Wild West.

Oct. 1: “Western Con Men and Women in the 19th Century” with Frank Dolman

Nov. 5: “The 1865 Battle of Julesberg” with Ray Sumner

Dec. 3: “Raucous Colorado” with Randi Samuelson-Brown

Jan. 7: “The Life of a Madam in Oak Creek” with Paul Bonnifield

Feb. 4: “Rowdy Routt County” with Laurel Watson, Hayden Heritage Center

March 3: “Ann Bassett: Colorado’s Cattle Queen” with Linda Wommack

April 7: “Hidden Treasures in Routt County Archives” with Sureva Towler

Admission: Free


Registration not required.