Get Ready for the Next Disaster

Tips to confront catastrophes


DENVER (Sept. 12, 2018) – Colorado, of course, is well outside the path of Hurricane Florence. But the Category-3 storm barreling toward the East Coast should serve as an important reminder to Coloradans: Calamities can strike at any moment. From fires to floods to hailstorms and tornadoes, Colorado gets its fair share of natural disasters. A little advanced preparation can help increase your chances of survival as well as how quickly you and your family can recover.

"September marks the anniversary of the devastating floods of 2013," said AAA Colorado spokesman Skyler McKinley. "It's also National Preparedness Month, an opportunity to make sure your family is able to handle whatever nature throws your way. From checking the batteries in your flashlights to creating a family emergency plan and beyond, effective disaster preparedness takes just a few minutes and can save your life.

Disaster Preparedness Tips

  • Keep emergency and first aid kits in your home. These should include a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio, extra batteries, a flashlight, a can opener, needed medicines or prescriptions, and a three-day supply of nonperishable food and water (one gallon per person, per day). 


  • Keep similar supplies in your car for an emergency, as well as flares, comfortable shoes, and a backpack in case you have to search for help on foot.


  • Prepare a family emergency plan that outlines what each family will do, how they will get to a safe place, and how they will get in touch with each other.


  • Identify an out-of-the-area contact for everyone to call in case local communications are disrupted.


  • Don't forget your pet(s). Make sure you have supplies for them. Consider microchipping your dog and/or cat so if you're separated they can be easily identified.


  • Have cash and copies of your most important papers (ID, insurance documents) handy in case you need to evacuate quickly.


  • Create a home inventory of all the possessions you would want your insurance company to replace, if lost, and put copies in safe places. A home inventory includes taking video or photos of all those possessions and pulling together copies of sales receipts and other documentation. Safe and easily accessible places to store copies of the inventory include online, with friends or family, or in a safe deposit box.


  • Take CPR and first aid training from your local chapter of the American Red Cross, fire department or similar organization. The knowledge you gain could help save the life of a family member or a neighbor injured during a disaster.


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