New Normal: AAA Travel Show Goes Virtual

In-person travel shows swapped for fun, comfortable,
virtual experiences



DENVER (April 13, 2021) - Call it a sign of the times: AAA is swapping out its  convention halls filled with thousands of prospective travelers for live, virtual travel shows that deliver the same dynamic experience in a new way - now from the safety and comfort of home. 

"Interest in travel is surging to an unprecedented degree," said Skyler McKinley, regional director of public affairs for AAA. "Coloradans hoping to shake off their cabin fever by way of a trip in 2021 or 2022 should make plans to book now - because sooner or later, everybody is going to be trying to travel, and there's going to be more demand than supply. Virtual travel shows are an easy way to speak with experts about the world's top destinations, get a sense of travel's new normal, and book a trip."

Per new AAA survey data, virtual travel shows have really caught on. Since the rise of the pandemic, attendance to AAA's live virtual events is up by more than 240 percent. The top three reasons Coloradans cite for attending a virtual travel show? 1) To avoid being in crowds (27 percent), 2) It's more convenient (26 percent), and 3) To avoid getting sick (23 percent). 

New this week, one of AAA's biggest virtual events of the year: The AAA Travel & Adventure Show. With free tickets available for AAA members and non-members, this is the first large-scale travel show in over a year from AAA - North America's largest leisure travel agency. Tickets and more information at

Attendees will: 

• Learn about top vacation destinations, including places they can visit now.
• Work directly with expert AAA travel advisers as they provide advice, guidance, and insights to help you travel safer. 
• Access exclusive day-of-show special offers.
• Hear from top industry voices, such as Emmy award-winning travel expert Samantha Brown, host of PBS's "Places to Love."



Plan Your Return to Travel!

Find and plan your next vacation at the Virtual Travel & Adventure Show, with the help of AAA Travel! Plus, Meet Samantha Brown, Host of "Places to Love" on PBS.
Wednesday, April 14 - 3pm to 8pm. 

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