Ready to Hand the Keys to your Teen?

When your teen is ready to get his or her learners permit, have a conversation with your insurance professional so he or she can clearly explain the costs involved in insuring a teenage driver. The good news is, as your teenager gets older, insurance rates will drop—providing he or she has a good driving record.

  • Talk to your teen and explain how auto accidents impact insurance costs.
  • Add your teen to your insurance policy – this is generally less expensive than purchasing a separate policy and may also qualify you for a multi-vehicle discount.
  • Ask about discounts for good students or teens who complete safe driving courses.
  • Consider increasing your deductible. Higher deductibles generally equal lower premium costs.
  • Find out how your insurer assigns drivers to cars—if possible, assign your teen to the least valuable car. Just keep in mind that there can be no exceptions; your teen must use only the car to which he or she is assigned, even in an emergency.
  • When your teen heads off to college, you may be eligible for lower premiums, providing he or she leaves the car behind.


These are just a few of many considerations. Speak with a AAA Insurance agent today to get expert advice on protecting yourself and your teen driver.

Because having the right protection is yet one of the keys to your teen’s driving success.

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