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Three Days In: Utah’s Other Mighty Five

Our “Three Days In” feature is designed to help you make the most of a long weekend. This time we venture into our neighboring state to explore five less-crowded, but equally spectacular parks in southern Utah.
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Cottonwoods: The Tree That Gets No Respect

A relative of the aspen, cottonwood trees come to life, from mid-October through November, to make a bold statement against a Colorado blue sky. The truth be known, if you’re traveling to the mountains in the fall to see aspens, you may not realize you’re just as taken by the beauty of the cottonwood.
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Ask the Expert: Even insurance agents need insurance!

Vaughn Holeman, manager of insurance sales for AAA Colorado, details his story about the importance of RV insurance.
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The Travel Insider

Photos from the inaugural Denver Broncos Champions Cruise presented by AAA Travel.
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