ASK THE EXPERT: What you pack matters

Amanda Miller

My adventurous spirit drew me to Antarctica, but I had to be smart about planning. Since I wasn’t very sure what to expect, I bought the Lonely Planet Antarctica Travel Guide, which covers the most common sites and has insight on experiences during different times of the year, such as hatching penguins in early December.

I knew I would be in for a very long journey even before starting the cruise, so I purchased a few items from our AAA Travel Store to ensure I would be ready when I arrived: Travel wrist bands, to reduce motion and seasickness, ear plugs, a sleeping mask, and an adjustable neck pillow to ensure I got the best rest possible.

Since Argentina, Chile, and One Ocean ships all have European-style outlets, I made sure to buy several European wall adaptors to charge all my electronics. Zodiac boats are the main form of transportation from ship to shore, so I also bought a floating waterproof pouch to help keep salt spray and snow off my electronics.

The online AAA Travel Store you to browse gear by destination—thankfully, in my case, “Antarctica” was one of the drop-down options. You’ll find specialized cold-weather gear, all carefully vetted by experienced travelers.

With some careful planning, your Antarctic adventure will run smoothly, and you’ll come home with memories to last a lifetime. If you are as adventurous as I am, you’ll remember to pack your swimsuit!

Amanda Miller is a Travel Agent in the AAA Boulder retail store. She holds several Destination Specialist designations and is an expert on Iceland and Antarctica. She is passionate about adventure, sustainable, and eco-tourism travel. Contact Amanda at 1933 28th St., Boulder; 720-593-5237; or