Agent Memories: Moments I’ll never forget

EnCompass Magazine

Nikole Devost

AAA Colorado Travel Agent, Fort Collins

On my first trip to Alaska, I took a fishing excursion in Ketchikan. While our poles were cast in the middle of the open water, a flock of seagulls began to hover in a group nearby. Captain Danny grabbed his camera, pointed and said, “The gulls are giving us the signal. Watch over there.”

The water under the birds began to swirl; then it happened! Three Humpback whales rose together above the surface of the water, mouths open, feeding on the prey they captured in their bubble net. They were so close to the ship I could hear the water splashing off them! In that moment, I was in complete awe and speechless. Danny said, “That’s Alaska!”

Adrienne Carr

AAA Colorado Travel Agent, West Metro

Years ago, my husband and I found ourselves in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy, where we ran into several children in elementary school uniforms. My husband tried, in his best Italian, to explain we were on our luna de miele (honeymoon), and wanted to learn about their beautiful city, but couldn’t find any travel guides in English in the nearby shops. They didn’t know of a place (and how many 4th graders would), but they did their best to give us a little tutorial about the Piazza, and wished us a happy honeymoon as they skipped off.

A few minutes later, still in the area taking photos, we saw the kids running toward us across the Piazza, whooping and waving something at us. They fell apart giggling in delight as they presented us with a full-color guidebook for Bologna, with maps, photographs, and lengthy descriptions—all in English! A wedding gift, they said. Bologna – A City to Discover is still on our bookshelf and remains one of our favorite wedding gifts!