Ask the Expert: My Top 5 recommendations when visiting Greece

Joe Maloney

Having been to Greece countless times, and even being a former tour guide there, here are a few of my suggestions for your journey to this mythical country.

Mix it up

Definitely visit the great ancient sights, but be sure to venture out to see the remote mountainous areas, as well as the many islands.

Dine like a local

Tavernas embody the culture better than anything. Get an assortment of mezes (like tapas to share) and sample staples like tzatziki, dolmades, eggplant dip, octopus, or squid.  The communal nature invariably makes for a memorable time.

Avoid peak season

Mid-May to the end of September are very busy. My favorite time to be there is late-September through October. You’ll maximize your enjoyment with fewer crowds, particularly at the popular ancient sites and islands.

Greece is casual

Shorts, T-shirts, and sandals are acceptable attire most places. This also allows you to pack light—which I think makes your travels more efficient and enjoyable.

Learn a few words

This really applies almost anywhere you travel internationally, and locals are generally very appreciative when you make an effort to learn their language. You don’t have be fluent, but at least learning the pleasantries of “Please” and “Thank You” go far.

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Joe Maloney is vice president travel and retail operations for AAA Colorado.