Ask the Expert: Top 5 family changes that can affect your insurance

Stacey Kennelly Nester

‘Tis the season of family. Of spending time with the ones we love. For many of us, the new year also brings a sense of evaluating our lives and making any necessary changes. This goes the same for insurance.

There’s no better time to assess if any family changes warrant a change in your insurance needs. Here are a few life events that may have an impact on your insurance where you might need to make an adjustment(s) to your policy.

  • NEWBORN BABY You may qualify for a lower auto rate. If you upgrade to a larger or safer vehicle, adjust your auto policy accordingly. If you acquire expensive items, make sure you have enough personal property coverage, and consider accidental damage coverage for spills, breakage, and other mishaps.
  • TEEN DRIVER Discuss with your agent before your teen gets a learner’s permit to determine the costs of insuring them once they’re licensed. Make sure to ask about any student discounts that may be available.
  • OFF TO COLLEGE Your auto policy likely covers your child going to school in-state, but may not cover them out-of-state, so talk with your agent. If your child is living in a dorm, they’re likely covered by your homeowners policy; however, if they’re off-campus, consider a renters policy.
  • LOSS OF A LOVED ONE Call your insurance agent as soon as possible to assist you through the process of updating any insurance policies accordingly.
  • ADOPT A PET (Yes, they’re family, too!) Talk with your agent to learn if your homeowners or renters policy includes liability coverage, in case your pet is ever involved in an accident. Consider purchasing an additional umbrella policy if you don’t have enough.

Just like we should get an annual physical to be sure we’re in good health, it’s also good practice to get an insurance check-up annually as well. Contact any of our AAA insurance agents at 855-222-7736 or We’ll be happy to make sure you have the right coverage for your needs.

Stacey Kennelly Nester is a representative of AAA Insurance.