Ask the Expert: It’s Hail Season!

Jacob “Jake” Peters

As you probably know, the Front Range is in the heart of “hail alley,” with hail season running from mid-April to mid-August. If you were wondering why home insurance is so expensive in Colorado, it’s because about 50 percent of your premium is going towards hail and wind damage costs. Home insurance claims in the state due to hail stand at 15 percent, or 1 in 7 roofs. The national average is only 6 percent.

If you think that your home may have sustained damage, call your insurance provider first, such as AAA Insurance, to schedule a home inspection. You may have received “cold calls” from roofers who seem to pop-up right after a hail storm. While they may be reputable, they only make money if they get you to sign an agreement. Your insurance company is going to proceed more cautiously and make certain that repairs are actually required. 

For example, you may find granules on your deck or near downspouts after a hail storm. That can be concerning but it’s actually quite normal. The purpose of the granules is to block UV rays, not to shed water.

In any case, make sure the roofer uses hail-resistant roofing materials if you need to re-roof. The insurance industry goes by Underwriters Laboratory Standard UL 2218 for impact-resistant roofing materials. AAA offers an insurance discount if your roof meets that standard and has a “4 rating” (the highest). In addition to the discount, it’s good peace of mind and a nice add-on if you decide to sell your home.

Jake Peters is an insurance/membership agent in the AAA Colorado Denver Tech Center store. He has been in the insurance industry for more than 15 years and takes pride in listening, understanding, and providing a product that fits you. Contact Jake at 6061 S. Willow Drive, Greenwood Village; 303-753-8800, ext. 8140; or