Ask the Expert: Your most-needed travel companion

Eric Kratzer

To make the most of your road trip vacation, be sure to bring along a companion that has a ton of information at their fingertips—and I don’t mean your mother-in-law. I’m talking about the AAA Mobile app. Here are a few ways it can help you on your trip.

Destination Search

The Top Destination section allows you to search your destination for some great recommendations. You can even search for area hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, and events with a tap of your finger.

Nearby Deals

This section gives you an extensive list of places to save money using your AAA membership—from shopping to attractions to personal services and health and beauty, and more.

Need Gas?

The Time to Fill Up section will show you a map of the nearest gas stations, prices, and even ones offering Top Tier fuel.

Roadside Assistance

Perhaps the most import function of the app, that hopefully you won’t have to use, is if your vehicle has a breakdown. Using the app will determine your location based on your cell phone’s GPS, then just enter a few simple details, and submit your request. You’ll get an estimated time of arrival, and you’ll be able to track the progress of your service event.

The AAA Mobile app has plenty of other services and resources at your fingertips. Don’t leave your phone without it! It’s your silent passenger full of information and tips to assist making your trip go smoothly, and prepare you for most travel needs or concerns. Download it at

Eric Kratzer is the director of digital marketing for AAA Colorado.