My Colorado Photos

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Editors’ note: The Editors chose winning photos from dozens received online at and via email at

Get your goat ▲

Doug Lindblom of Erie submitted this photo by email of a group of mountain goats along the road to Mt. Evans. “I take a drive up with my family to the top of Mt. Evans at least once a year,” Lindblom told EnCompass. “We encountered this group of goats on the way back down. It was as if they just posed for the picture.” His camera: Canon PowerShot SX20IS. Member since: 1989

Team building ▼

Ann Zimmerman of Idaho Springs submitted this photo online of two herons building a nest at Belmar Park in Lakewood. “I’ve seen herons in the Evergreen area and my friends mentioned they often nest on the island in Kountze Lake,” Zimmerman told EnCompass. “I watched this pair for several hours as they remodeled their nest. One would fly off and return with a stick, then pass it to the other to arrange the nest.”  Her camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i. Member since: 1996