President’s Message: American freedom machine

Linda Cavanagh

I grew up in rural Kansas, and let me tell you, nothing makes you appreciate cars more than living in a small town surrounded by miles and miles of farmland. My car was much more than just a car to me. It was a symbol of freedom, and in many cases, it was the only way I was able to get to where I wanted and needed to be. I certainly wasn’t alone. Even my friends who drove rusted buckets of bolts gave their cars loving nicknames.

Of course, nobody loved their car more than my older brother, but that’s because he was lucky enough to drive a Chevy Corvette Stingray. I, meanwhile, got stuck with an aging, pink-and-white Dodge sedan that was so big, and so heavy, I managed to “graze” the side of the garage the first time I pulled in. I loved it just the same.

I’ve driven many different cars since then, and luckily, I haven’t had any additional mishaps in the garage. While a lot has changed in automotive design and technology, what has stayed the same is the central role that cars play in our American life. Our car is a near-constant companion in everything that we do. It’s how many of us get to work, get the kids to school, and takes us places where we make our most meaningful memories.

In short, cars make life happen. That’s something we keep in mind every day at AAA Colorado, and why we do what we do. We know just how disruptive a breakdown can be. That’s why we respond quickly to help you whenever you need our help, mobilizing whatever resources you need to get back to your life. Our goal is to get your vehicle moving right from the roadside—without towing if possible.

We are also much more than a tow truck company. We are here to help you get the most out of your car—from helping you buy or lease a car to getting it repaired at any of our nearly 150 AAA Approved Automotive Repair facilities; from our industry-shaping research on car safety and technology to protecting your vehicle from damage; and from providing you with free maps, TourBooks, and TripTiks for your next road trip to helping you save money on gas to fill it up.

As America’s most trusted name in road trips, we are happy to help you make the most of the freedom that only your car can provide. In this edition of EnCompass, you’ll find some great trips you, your family, and your car, can take together. Take in Northern Colorado’s resilient splendor, or the rugged, Old West charm of the Pikes Peak region. Or celebrate the car, itself, at several time-honored car shows throughout Colorado. This is a spectacular place to call home, and our cars give us the freedom to make the most of it.

Wherever you go, AAA Colorado will be right there with you. Happy travels.

Linda Cavanagh, AAA Colorado President and CEO