Online Feature: Italy at a slower pace

Joe Maloney
May/June 2018

As someone who’s traveled to Italy many times, I’ve come to realize that rushing from attraction to attraction can be exhausting and unrewarding. Some of the savviest travelers I know avoid this trap by immersing themselves at a pace that enables greater understanding and appreciation of a specific region’s cuisine, architecture, history, and mythology.

With that in mind, AAA Colorado has curated a tour in October, specifically for members, with AAA Colorado president and CEO Linda Cavanagh. By staying multiple nights in the regions of Umbria and Tuscany—the “hubs” of your trip—you will connect more deeply with people and their traditions on the “spokes” of your journey. This “hub and spoke” itinerary will allow you to pack and unpack less, and spend fewer hours traveling to the next stop.

Take the time you gain to discover the mythology of olive oil during a privately guided tour at the Wine and Olive Oil Museum in Torgiano. Admire the medieval and Italian Gothic architecture of Gubbio, one of the most impressive villages in Umbria. Take in the beauty and hear the origin of the Cascata delle Marmore waterfalls. Tour the historic Brolio Castle where Chianti wine was developed in the 19th century. And enjoy a private visit to Avignonesi Winery, one of Tuscany’s most famous estates, and others.

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Joe Maloney is vice president travel and retail operations for AAA Colorado.