President’s Message: TripTiks: The Comeback Kid?

EnCompass Magazine
May/June 2018

Whenever I meet a new friend, and they hear where I work, they often ask the same question: “Does AAA still make TripTiks?” Since 1937, those spiral-bound notebooks chocked full of maps and travel tips have been a favorite of travelers. That’s because TripTiks are prepared by expert trip planners—human beings, not impersonal algorithms—who take time to understand your budget, your travel preferences, and more, curating the trip you’ll never forget. For generations of travelers, every “road trip” began with a visit to their local AAA Office to order their TripTik.

Linda Cavanagh
AAA Colorado President & CEO

So why do so many people ask me whether AAA still makes TripTiks? I understand that it can be easy to get distracted by new smartphone apps or new websites, but the fact is, TripTiks never went away. To the surprise of many who’ve asked me, TripTiks are more popular than ever. AAA issued more than 2 million personalized travel notebooks to members nationwide in July 2016—an all-time monthly record—and we’re on pace to set a new record in 2018.

The TripTik of 2018 does look a little different from those of yesteryear, but it remains a hand-crafted guide that leads you to the nation’s best attractions, AAA-reviewed hotels and restaurants that fit your price range, and where you can find the cheapest gas.

Perhaps you find it inconvenient to go to one of our 11 retail stores around the state.  While we would love to see you at our retail stores, where you can shop our variety of the latest travel merchandise or pick-up some of our iconic maps and TourBooks, you can request that a TripTik be prepared and delivered to your front door through the AAA Colorado website,, or by calling 877-244-9790.

Or maybe you’re an “online do-it-yourselfer.” You can plan every detail of your trip at, or through the AAA Mobile App, available at Both highlight the must-stop sights, scenic byways, and yes, gas stations, all with curated trips from AAA’s expert travel editors.

So, TripTiks are not the Comeback Kid after all. They’ve always been here for you—still free of charge—and now with more customized information than ever before, backed by AAA’s 116 years as America’s most trusted name in road trips.