Insurance Insights with Brian

What NOT to do with an insurance claim
Brian McGrail

When people learn I’m in the insurance business, they frequently ask me about what to do in case of a car accident, but recently, I was asked about what NOT to do. Here are some things that can cause you problems:

  • Don’t just chalk up a minor accident as a simple fender-bender. Adaptive driver assist systems on vehicles are often fragile and calibration may be affected; even seemingly minor damage may have caused major problems. Get your vehicle inspected.


  • It’s human nature, but avoid saying “sorry” after an accident. Let the police and your insurance company decide who was at fault.




  • Don’t just hire a tow service that was listening to the police scanner and happened to show up—call AAA! We’ll place your call on a priority.




  • Don’t add roadside assistance to your insurance policy—any time you use the coverage, it will be counted as a claim in your insurance history. That can make it harder to find another insurer who will cover you.



  • Don’t go with a $1,000 deductible if that will break your budget—especially if you have a vehicle with a history of frequent claims. Hint: your insurance agent can tell you about your vehicle by using its VIN (vehicle identification number).

Brian McGrail is the vice president of insurance for AAA Colorado.