The Travel Insider: Weathering a pandemic

Joe Maloney

Well I’m back in the good old USA, it was quite a challenge but I’m finally here. I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help and encouragement that you gave me, you were a light in the darkness, and I can’t thank you enough.”–Tony

Thanks so much for keeping us informed. You are our travel angel. So glad we decided to work with you.”–Jan

MaryAnn helped this timid traveler book a 10-day trip to Stockholm. Coronavirus changed everything. I alerted my carrier that I was in the vulnerable population and emailed my doctor’s letter. Nothing. That’s when I contacted MaryAnn. ‘Help!’ Not only did she say she would help me, she said she was happy to do it. The carrier is giving me a full refund. And when the world is out of danger, I will rebook my flight with MaryAnn. I trust her with my life.”–Andrea

Eda has been remarkable in handling our trip and the repercussions that have arisen. We are so grateful that she was our travel agent.”Ted

The COVID-19 challenge has affected every aspect of our daily lives. It has also impacted almost every industry, and one of the hardest hit is the travel industry—including here at AAA Colorado.

As you can see from these testimonials from our members, we are here for you. Our entire travel team is set up to work remotely and are working tirelessly to keep our travelers safe and informed. We are facing this challenge head on by proactively reaching out to travelers whose plans have been affected by closures and cancellations, and by extending our hours through the weekends so that no call goes unanswered. Our AAA Travel Agents are helping travelers navigate through all the uncertainty with experience, guidance, and support. We stand ready with a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have.

I can promise you two things. First, things will eventually return to normal. Second, when it does, nobody will be in a better position to book world-class travel than AAA Colorado.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary customer service. That’s what we have always done, that’s what we are doing now, and that’s what we will continue to do when this crisis is over. Because that’s just how we do business.

Joe Maloney is vice president travel and retail operations for AAA Colorado.