President’s Message: Trust, by the numbers

EnCompass Magazine

I have said before that the best part of my job is getting to spend time with our members. In one recent conversation, someone told me that despite having been a member for three decades, they’ve only used our emergency roadside assistance one time. But they are happy to renew their membership each year for one simple reason: They can trust that AAA will always do the right thing.

That conversation was very important to me because it encapsulates what AAA Colorado is all about. Whether you joined AAA Colorado for roadside assistance, to book a life-changing vacation, for insurance, or for our extensive discounts and rewards program, you joined trusting that we would provide you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. As a member-centric organization, earning and keeping your trust inspires all that we do.

When it comes to helping you on the roadside, for example, did you know that AAA is trusted to provide about two-thirds of all roadside service, nationwide? In Colorado, since January, more than 250,000 of you trusted us to rescue you at the roadside. And 55 percent of the time, our top-notch technicians were able to get you going, without a tow.

Linda Cavanagh
AAA Colorado President & CEO

AAA Colorado has your back when it comes to finding a mechanic you can trust, too. Our Approved Auto Repair (AAR) facilities undergo a thorough review before they become part of our network, followed by comprehensive annual inspections. From oil changes to complex repairs, AAA Colorado members can trust a total of 135 approved facilities for honest, high-quality service. And, in the unlikely event you have a problem with an AAR service, you can trust us to step in on your behalf to resolve the issue.

As North America’s largest leisure travel agency, more people trust AAA to curate memorable vacation experiences than any other organization. Whether you’re planning a European tour or a long weekend away, by working with AAA Colorado’s travel agents, you can trust you received the best value and best service at no extra cost. In fact, our travel agents save international travelers an average of $452 per trip and more than four hours of planning time. So far this year, 11,574 members have trusted AAA travel professionals to plan their vacations.

You can also trust that your membership is a great value. Did you know that the average member saves more through member-exclusive discounts than they pay for their annual membership? All told, you can receive discounted products and services from more than 100,000 discount partners nationwide.

Because of the amount of new home construction and the recent number of fires, floods, and hailstorms, Colorado’s insurance rates are some of the fastest rising in the nation. That is why it is so important to have a local agent who understands your needs and the Colorado insurance environment – and may be able to find you meaningful savings. Did you know you can receive a discount of up to 10 percent on your insurance, because AAA members are safer drivers? The bottom line is that, because AAA Colorado is a not-for-profit organization, you can trust our agents will always work in your best interest to find you the best price.

According to a recent Gallup survey, Americans believe that AAA is nearly 300 percent more trustworthy than other organizations our size. The reason is simple: We work for you. So, the next time you see me out and about, say hi and make sure to tell me how you think we are doing, and how we can do better. Trust me when I say that your perspective makes all the difference.