Approved Auto Repair: 4 Common Auto Myths

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The AAA Approved Auto Repair staff share more of their favorite “myths” that are still around and that get repeated—even by reputable sources.

  1. Filling up in the morning saves money.
    Because colder means denser, the theory is that you’ll actually pump more gasoline if it’s colder. The differences are negligible, if any, so don’t bother trying to get to a fuel station first thing in the morning. While we’re at it, there’s no reason to avoid fueling at a station when you see the tanker re-filling the pumps. Even if the tanker “stirred up” sediment in the main holding tank, each pump has a filter.
  2. Repairs at independent shops will void your warranty.
    The Federal Trade Commission states that independent mechanics, retail chain shops, or even the car owner, can make routine repairs and perform maintenance without voiding the warranty or having coverage denied. The one exception is, if the work is going to be provided free of charge, the manufacturer can require you to use specified repair facilities (for example, if you receive notice about a free recall or replacement part).
  3. Batteries will recharge after a jump start.
    It can take several hours of running to recharge an otherwise serviceable battery. However, many times “dead” or weak batteries are indicative of a systemic issue. Before you replace a battery with more than a year of service remaining, members can contact AAA to run a diagnostic on the charging and starting system. If the battery is the cause, we can replace it.
  4. Tires should be inflated to the maximum pressure stated on the sidewall.
    Don’t do that, even if you have a different tire size than came with the vehicle originally. Those pressures are maximum tire pressures and are not specific to your vehicle. Instead, refer to the recommended tire pressure on your vehicle’s driver side door jamb. If you have tires of a different size, either consult the shop that installed them or check the tire manufacturer’s website. Don’t assume.

Not a myth

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