The Travel Insider: (Video) Talk with an expert

Joe Maloney

It’s no secret the travel business has been significantly impacted during these unprecedented times. Cruise lines, tour companies, hotels, and airlines have weathered previous storms, but this is much deeper and broader than anything we’ve ever seen.

AAA Travel has also been affected, yet we are fortunate it’s just one of many business lines here at AAA. Yet, you may be asking, where can I go, and what kind of travel can I do?

To better assist you in answering these questions, AAA Colorado has created a virtual travel agency, so you can safely make appointments by video from the comfort of your own home. We have made it more accessible for anyone to talk to one of our experts about travel, so that when you’re ready, our team of experts will be standing by help you book your next trip.

In addition, there are already substantial changes and safety precautions we must take when traveling, including mandatory facemasks, health screenings, enhanced sanitation protocols, and more—and, I suspect, these will remain long into the future.

Social distancing is being taken very seriously on ships, tour busses, and at sightseeing venues. Dining is also going to look very different, with self-serve buffets most likely becoming a thing of the past, and staggered time slots for cruise dining, so guests can stay socially distant.

If you book a trip on your own, you’ll probably have a lot of unanswered questions, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll be on your own. This is the time when you need an expert more than ever.

A travel agent will explain what restrictions may exist and give you the information you need to plan with confidence. Plus, they’ll ensure you have the appropriate insurance, and if something does go wrong on your trip, they’ll be your advocate and work to get everything resolved.

I strongly believe the psyche around travel has changed from 30 years ago, when it was considered a luxury. Today, people expect to travel, and will travel again, once they feel it’s safe to do so. Yes, it will look different, and you may not want to travel until there is a vaccine. But rest assured, when you’re ready, we will be here for you every step of the way to help you navigate this new world.

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Joe Maloney is vice president travel and retail operations for AAA Colorado.