Find Your Way: Supercharging your membership

Ken Bolser

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year of seismic change, both here in Colorado and around the globe. We’ve had a few important changes here at AAA Colorado, too, and I’m excited for our future together.

First, let me re-introduce myself! I’m Ken Bolser, and while I’m new to this column, I’m not new to EnCompass or AAA Colorado. For the past several years, I’ve written the All Things Automotive column in my role as AAA Colorado’s vice president of automotive services.

Regular readers will know, deep down, I’m a “car guy.” In fact, my passion for cars and driving is one of the reasons I came to AAA more than 30 years ago. But it wasn’t the main reason: I work here because the thing I’m most passionate about is helping people, and no organization helps people quite like this one.

It’s the privilege of my career to take the reins here at AAA Colorado. In a year filled with change, here’s my promise to you: We’ll always do our very best to provide world-class service in everything we do, from emergency rescues at the roadside to personalized insurance advice to life-changing travel planning, when it’s time to travel again. And if ever we fail to meet your expectations, we promise to learn from and address our shortcomings based on your feedback. It isn’t an overstatement to say everybody who works at AAA Colorado works here because they love helping people—just like I do. That won’t ever change.

Of course, we’re more than just a community service organization. We’re a membership club, and I’m committed to making your membership worth even more than it is already. Work is underway to significantly expand our products and services, with many new benefits already “added” to your trusty membership card—including significant savings through new national discount partners, more options at DMV kiosks around the state, and even our new home and auto loan program.

This is all part of the mission statement driving everything we do at AAA Colorado: We help AAA members enjoy life’s journey with peace of mind by providing innovative solutions, advocacy, and membership benefits wherever and whenever they need them. It’s a vision that spans our 98 years of serving Colorado, and we’re eager to take it to bold new heights.

I hope you’ll watch these pages to see how we plan to supercharge your membership and transform it into something you’ll use each and every day, above and beyond the legendary service you’ve been able to count on for nearly a century.

Thanks for being a member.

Ken Bolser is the regional vice president for AAA Colorado.