Find Your Way: Meeting you where you are

Ken Bolser

As I flip through all the great content filled with exciting road trip ideas in the Summer Getaways edition of EnCompass, I couldn’t help but think of the long road we’ve been down together for more than a year now. As challenging as this has been, I’m proud that we have consistently risen to the occasion to serve you when and how you expect. Whether it’s at the roadside, in the comfort of your home, or in the pages of this magazine, we’re committed to meeting you where you are.

A more accessible rite of passage

Colorado’s high school students missed out on a lot of important milestones in 2020, from homecoming games to senior prom to even graduation. Also, many students were not able to get their driver’s licenses or learner’s permits, due to the shutdown of DMV offices and driving schools.

Here’s the silver lining: AAA’s award-winning “How to Drive” curriculum is now available online. This state-certified course offers everything teens need to get their learner’s permit at a fraction of the cost, and they can do it at their own pace, on their own schedule, and from wherever is most convenient to them—and you. We’re proud to be America’s most-trusted resource for all things automotive, and we look forward to being along for the ride with drivers of all experience levels at

Travel from home to anywhere

We all know it’s been a tough year for the travel industry, as many travel agencies and operators have closed their doors. But not AAA! As America’s largest leisure travel agency, we have been able to weather the storm and used the slowdown as an opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge of our talented travel advisers.

With much of the world slowly starting to roar back to life, AAA is better positioned than anyone to help you take advantage of travel’s new normal through our unique expertise, opportunities, deals, and resources you can’t find when you try to book yourself.

If you have any inkling to travel in 2021 or beyond, now’s the time to talk to someone—remember, if you’re thinking about travel, so is everybody else. We help make it easy, and we’ve learned how to do it virtually through rich, immersive online presentations and consultations. Check out the schedule and sign up at

Serving you from everywhere

Like many of you, AAA Colorado pivoted to a nearly fully remote operation early in the pandemic. That was no small feat for an organization that runs a centralized, round-the-clock rescue center, and I’m proud of how quickly and effectively we made such a dramatic change to the way we do business. Our rescue center staff has been fulfilling your requests from hundreds of mini rescue centers in their homes across Colorado—and our member satisfaction rates have never been better.

We’ve also spent this past year pioneering cutting-edge technology so you can skip the line altogether. Just visit, use the AAA Mobile App, or choose the automated system when you call 800-AAA-HELP, and your service request will go directly to the nearest truck. That means less time waiting and more time to enjoy the open road—both this summer, and for years to come.

We’ll see you out there!

Ken Bolser is the regional vice president for AAA Colorado.