Invested Interest: Digital banking at your fingertips

Anne Arvia

You’ve heard the phrase, “there’s no need to panic.” Try telling that to anyone who has ever misplaced a smartphone. Our relationship with an increasingly digital world can be stressful and complex, but dependence is just one side of the digital coin. The other side pays dividends.

Living in a new digital world

It’s almost impossible to overstate how many of our everyday tasks carry a digital fingerprint. The process was underway before COVID-19, but the pandemic floored the accelerator. Shopping, ordering food, schooling from home, working from home, virtual doctor visits, connecting with family; they all became part of a growing list of digitally managed tasks—and the list is still growing, with banking near the top.

Banking made easy

Think of all the time you spend on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Now, think of the opportunity those tools provide by putting all your banking needs at your fingertips. With digital banking, AAA makes it easier for you to manage your money through convenient and user-friendly features integrated into and the AAA Mobile App. Personal checking accounts, high-yield savings accounts, and Certificate of Deposit accounts are just some of the familiar financial products available digitally through AAA’s banking services. AAA members can also enjoy:

  • Easy 5-minute sign-up for a new deposit account
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Expanded network of 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs
  • Customizable communications and alerts

Even the biggest financial transactions have largely gone digital, offering time and money saving benefits to AAA members. Buying or refinancing a home? You can use a variety of online tools to compare interest rates and calculate payments, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars. The digitally streamlined loan application process eliminates much of the stress associated with such an important life event. The same is true with buying a car. Our new Auto Loan Applicant Portal allows you to take advantage of auto rate specials, upload documents, message our loan originators, and see loan decisions.

Embracing change

The ongoing pandemic has forced us out of our comfort zones, yet it has also reminded us that in the face of adversity, human beings find ways to adapt and do things better. AAA’s inception in 1902 was an effort to provide motorists with better, safer roads. Since then, we’ve adapted to evolve our roadside assistance, travel services, car-buying, insurance, banking, and more.

We are constantly refining products and adding services to make it easier for you to meet your financial needs along every step of life’s journey. With digital technology incorporated into so many aspects of our lives, managing your money digitally makes more sense than ever. Even better, we’ve made it so easy that once you try it, you may ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. To learn more about AAA’s financial service products, visit

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Anne Arvia is the CEO & president of AAA Banking for the Auto Club Group.