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Small Group Adventure Travel

Club Adventures, by AAA Exclusive Vacations®

We believe that travel is what unites us. Club Adventures, by AAA Exclusive Vacations® approaches small group adventure travel differently - preferring uncommon routes and genuine connections. They'll handle the research and sort the logistics, but the narrative that unfolds is entirely yours to create. While we might all come from different backgrounds, ages and geographies, it is our love of discovery that connects us. With Club Adventures, open yourself to the wonders of adventure travel, all with the support of a trusted brand.

Small Ship Adventures to Alaska


Small boat. Small groups. Small footprint. An UnCruise experience to Alaska is a unique way to see wildlife up close and personal, to try endless outdoor activities, and to see why small ships really do bring big adventures. Get inspired to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip into the great outdoors.

Our Favorite Places

As the year closes, our agents and staff open up the memory box!

While 2020 was a year of canceling and rearranging travel plans, we never stopped dreaming and planning. As we head into next year, our travel experts wanted to share some of their favorite travel memories to give us something to look forward to once travel returns!

I Can't Wait Until...

A Message From Us to You

There's no question the world's pandemic response has impacted the travel industry. But for those of you who are dreaming about travel, we wanted you to know that we are, too.

Check out this message from the staff of AAA Travel, who share what they're dreaming about. 

Virtual Travel Trends

An Alternative Way to Travel

Virtual travel has become a popular way to see the world. AAA Colorado's Sklyer McKinley explains how you can take compelling virtual tours, from volcanoes in Hawaii, the Taj Mahal, to a virtual ride at Disneyland. These tours across the globe are designed to give you ideas about where you want to go when you can travel again.

Keep Dreaming

A Message from AAA Travel

The Spirit of Travel unites and inspires us to dream on. The mountains, forests, and oceans will be waiting. When the time is right, AAA Travel will be here to help. For National Travel and Tourism Week keep dreaming of where you want to travel to next!

We Will Travel Again

Moments that Matter

The dream of the next adventure is what inspires, gives us something to look forward to and sparks motivation. So many of the experiences that ultimately give us more fulfilling lives come from travel. One thing we don’t have to give up is our travel memories. While this intermission in our day-to-day may be temporary, our memories are forever.


Travel with the Experts

For an unparalleled experience, you’ll want experts on your trip. We can help.

If you’re planning your next great vacation, it turns out you might not need to leave the country see some of the world’s most remarkable scenery. Alaska, with its eight National Parks, abundant wildlife, stunning glaciers, and more, is an increasingly popular destination. Few people know Alaska better than author Kim Heacox, who joins AAA spokesman Skyler McKinley to share his expertise.

Top Travel Trends

What’s on your bucket list? The world’s top destinations are always changing.

No matter what you want to see or do, there’s a travel destination for you. Wherever you go, though, creating a balanced experience you’ll remember forever can be tricky – which is why you want to work with an expert. Here’s AAA Colorado’s Skyler McKinley with news on some top destinations and the best ways to see them.

River Cruises: More Popular than Ever.

From Europe to Asia to North America, there’s a river cruise for you.

More travelers are opting to take river cruises to destinations across the globe than ever before. Here to discuss why, and how river cruises are different than traditional cruises, is AAA Travel Expert Skyler McKinley.

A Graduation Gift that Keeps on Giving

Not sure what to get a recent grad? How about an experience?

If you’ve got a recent grad in your life, there are a lot of deals you can score right now to give them the gift of travel, or to go on one last family vacation before they head off on their next chapter – with great destinations abroad and closer to home. Here’s AAA Colorado’s Skyler McKinley with more.

Plan a vacation. You’ll be glad you did.

Did you know travel is good for you – and your job?

Do you have a lot of unused vacation days?  You’re not alone: New research from the U.S. Travel Association has found that 55% of Americans leave vacation time on the table at the end of the year, in part because they never got around to planning how to use it. When you do plan a vacation, you’ll end up being a lot happier at home and work, according to our research. You may even get a raise or bonus. Here’s Skyler McKinley with more.

Take an Epicurean Adventure

If you’re a foodie, there’s a trip for you.

One of the latest travel trends is food tourism – immersive experiences where you dive deep into a region’s cuisine and food culture. And while you can take a food tour to Italy or France and beyond, it turns out there are budget-friendly options right here in the United States. Here’s Skyler with more.

Why Visit Antarctica?

If you’re a seasoned traveler, Antarctica should be on your bucket list.

If you’re planning your next vacation, you might be thinking about a trip to Europe, or perhaps a cruise, maybe some time on a beach. In fact, one of the hottest new trends in travel takes place in a decidedly colder environment: Antarctica. Here are polar expert Denise Landau and AAA Colorado’s Skyler McKinley with more info.

2020 Travel Expo

Presented by AAA Travel

Take a peek at the 2020 Travel Expo held at Empower Field at Mile High. See why this is the top travel event in the state of Colorado hosting all of the best travel companies in the world. This event offers members and non-members a chance to meet with top-name cruise operators, guided vacations and river cruise companies, all offering the best destinations and top travel deals.

AAA President's Cruise

Alaska by Land & Sea

AAA Colorado President and CEO Linda Cavanagh talked with noted author and conservationist Kim Heacox about the 2020 AAA Colorado President's Cruise, an exclusive Alaskan Cruise/Tour with Princess Cruises. While Heacox shares his observations about Alaska and describes the cruise's itinerary, he'll also join travelers on this year's President's Cruise to provide a learned and poetic commentary to Alaska's sights and sounds.

Guided Vacation in Greece

By Joe Maloney

AAA Colorado Vice President of Travel, Joe Maloney, visits an Olive Farm in Greece and describes the value of traveling with Insight Vacations on a Guided Vacation. The abundance of olives, wine, farm-to-table food and Greek hospitality provided a slice of Greek culture that could only be made possible through the expertise of a Guided Vacation Company.