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Dwelling Coverage

The most basic type of home insurance is Dwelling Coverage. If a covered event were to occur, it would cover the repair, replacement or rebuild of your actual house and its interior.

Other Structures Coverage

For the things built on your property that aren't attached to your house, there is Other Structures Coverage. It's for things like swimming pools, driveways, sheds, gazebos and fences. How much you need depends on what's been built on your property.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal Property Coverage covers the things you own, such as clothes, housewares and furniture. How much you need depends on the value of what you own.

Loss of Use Coverage

If a covered event were to occur and you couldn't live in all or a portion of your house, Loss of Use Coverage may cover your increased living expenses as well as lost rental income.

Renters Coverage

Renters Coverage covers your personal property and protects you against personal liability. It may also cover your additional living expenses or lost rental income you incur because your home is not fit to live in.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Personal umbrella coverage is an extra policy that offers significant protection against liability claims or lawsuits for serious personal injury. For example, if your homeowners insurance policy has a $500,000 liability limit, but a catastrophic accident occurs and you are responsible for $1 million in property damage, legal fees and medical bills, a PUP can cover the remaining $500,000.